1. The College expects students to do serious and sustained hard work and to make maximum use of the facilities offered for their all-round development.
  2. The use of Cell Phone is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  3. Smoking, drinking and drug-trafficking are strictly prohibited in the campus.
  4. Ragging in any form is a serious offence and those indulging in it will be summarily dismissed and may have to face legal action.
  5. Attendance is compulsory. Those who fail to get the minimum attendance of 75% will not be allowed to appear for the semester examinations.
  6. Students whose conduct or attendance is not satisfactory are liable to be asked to leave the college.
  7. Students are required to wear their Identity cards at all times in the campus and produce them to the duly appointed staffs when they are asked for.
  8. College office must be kept informed with changes of address, Phone number (both Student and Parent/ Guardian) if any, whether local or permanent.
  9. Students must maintain a sense of decorum in dress, language, behaviour and discipline inside the college and in the public places.
  10. Students need to wear proper uniform and if failed to do so, they should report the matter to the concerned teachers in charge.
  11. Do not enter or leave a class in session, without permission
  12. When a teacher or a visitor enters your class, you should rise and remain standing and till he takes his seat or desires you to resume yours.
  13. Do not disfigure college walls, desks or benches with writing or engravings of any description whatsoever and do not tamper with or damage fittings, articles, furniture or library books
  14. Do not present mass petitions to the Principal. Make representations on college affairs to higher authorities only through the Principal.
  15. Except the meetings of the various college associations do not address any gathering within the college premises without the special permission of the Principal
  16. When you have doubts on any matter of college discipline, consult the Principal before making your final decision.
  17. The actual loss caused to furniture, tools and equipments due to violent action of students will be made good by imposing collective fines on all students of the college.
  18. An identity card will be issued to each student at the time of admission. If the identity card is lost, only one duplicate identity card will be issued to the student, during the course of study, with the specific recommendation from the head of the department.

Parents are reminded that they are not absolved of their responsibility once their son/daughter is admitted to the college. The college expects parents or guardians to cooperate with the college authorities in the education of their children or wards. They should follow the student's progress in studies and his/her general conduct in and outside the college. Their cooperation is solicited especially to ensure regular attendance. They are expected to come and see whenever they are called by the Principal or HOD. Moreover they should inform the respective class in charges if in any case their ward needs a leave on a particular day.



Students are advised to keep with them photo copies of their certificates before submitting the originals to the office. Requisition for original certificates once submitted in the office, will not be permitted.